‘Tis the season for posturing and pandering

It’s the eve of elections and it’s a struggle to recall a significant take-away or a key issue from the campaign trail – on the local, state or national levels.

There has been plenty of finger-pointing, posturing and name-calling. Yet, little mention of the economy, jobs, national security and other issues important to the average American.

It’s unusual during political season, but it just seems much more desperate. Really, six months ago who would have thought Ebola would be a dominant issue in the debates?

As pundits and pollsters are betting on whether Republicans will take control of the Senate Tuesday, others are wondering whether it will matter.

The public’s regard for electeds – Democrats and Republicans alike – and Washington in general is shamefully low. The malaise, the distrust, the disgust. Pathetic indeed.

After all is said and done – and with all the billions spent – Wednesday will just be Wednesday. It likely will take a few days to tally all the results, but will we be better off than we are today, on the eve of elections, if Republicans take the Senate or if Dems hold on? Will it make a difference?

It does make for good debates, of course, and the mudslinging for good headlines.

As Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee said, “These are good times for reporters.”

Perhaps. But not good times for America.