“Caryn’s keen insight into business issues has helped shape our region’s vision and economic agenda. As a reporter and editor, she has raised important issues and earned a reputation for fairness, quality and outstanding professionalism. She has emerged as a well-respected , committed and hard-working community leader in Westchester and the entire Hudson Valley.”

- Dr. Marsha Gordon, President/CEO, Business Council of Westchester


“I have been impressed by Caryn’s journalistic talent for the 20-plus years I have known her. She has always shown a clear insight into what her readers need and want to know. Her headline writing, editing and writing skills are unquestionably first rate. And I envy her ability to select, manage and motivate a reporting staff and get along well with the business side. She is fair but tough minded, key traits for a senior editor. Over the years I have worked with scores of editors and she is at the top of my list.”

- Bill Welch, President, Welch Inc.


“I worked with Caryn for three-and-a-half years at the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals and later as a free-lance writer for the publications and found her to be a consummate professional who works tirelessly to produce a quality publication. Her editing skills are exceptional and her writing is first-rate.

Caryn’s knowledge of the local markets and her management expertise were a constant resource that helped me in my role as managing editor and later as an investigative free-lance reporter for the publications.”

- John Jordan, President, Hudson Valley Editorial Services


“I have known Caryn for 15 years and have the upmost respect and admiration for her professionalism, journalistic skills, work ethic, and dedication to the media profession. She is an exceptional writer and communicator and has been a fixture in journalism in New York, setting a standard for many to follow. She has covered complex issues with a keen eye and a sharp business sense. One of her most notable projects which received accolades was her in-depth coverage of the high-technology sector in Israel.

She is dedicated and has a sterling reputation as a communications professional. Caryn’s integrity and work ethic are hallmarks of her career; she will not settle for less than the truth. On a personal level, she is caring, energetic and passionate and I feel privileged to know her.”

- Stacey Cohen, President, Co-Communications, Mount Kisco, NY