The other ones we left behind

The “growing divide” between the haves and have-nots is gaining new appeal for Democrats and has become the ammo of choice for potshots across both sides of the aisle.

No doubts, trumpeting inequality as an issue of national importance will intensify as we head into the mid-term elections.

Yet for all the campaign rhetoric the fact is the divide exists, it is widening, it is troubling and is a worthy cause for attention.

Still, there’s another disturbing trend playing out across the U.S. – one that is being overshadowed as all media eyes peer at the war on poverty. Another population is struggling economically and emotionally — the long-term unemployed.

The last few years have witnessed an incredible rise in the ranks of this group.

From a moral and practical standpoint, the spotlight on the growing divide is just.

Let’s just not lose sight of this other group. For it is these people who may soon be swelling the numbers of the “working poor” population.