Monthly Archives: May 2014

Jobs reports misleading


The latest unemployment report would seem to indicate a steady improvement in the nation’s job market. It’s a naïve assessment, at best.

While an uptick in hiring, even a marginal one, bodes well for the economy, and a drop in the unemployment rate sounds encouraging, the fact is many of the unemployed have simply given up the hunt.

That skews the numbers, as the government does not count the jobless unless they are actively seeking work.

It seems counter-intuitive.

And why are so many people giving up the search? Frustration is likely one reason. Even for the most optimistic, how many rejections can you digest?

Pride is another culprit. Many of the displaced have taken the fall and their egos have suffered the slings. With confidence shaken, dare you put yourself back out there?

You’re stale, like a house aging on the market with nary a nibble.

And then there’s the “screw it” mentality. Fed up with the establishment and hell-bent on defying reality.

And for those of us so removed from “them,” why should we care? Our work lives go on – with or without them.

Why do they matter?

We’ll see.